We would like to share an interview we did with publisher of Sensi Magazine in Humbolt County and owner of Humbolt Grace.

This was an informal interview with Lelehnia Dubois. Lelehnia Dubois, has specialized in using an intuitive approach to building community. Through her past roles, she has worked with all demographics and generations. Her expertise includes creating networks, educating through programming, building numerous volunteer bases, and mobilizing individuals to create change.

Her reach has extended across the country; from advocating for families in Washington, D.C. to empowering over half a million voters in Sacramento, CA, she uses her passion and expertise to create results. In the past, she has created community programs, enabling community youth to make their life choices excel.

She has worked within the medical arena, providing care to patients, and she continues to serve the needs of countless communities by educating them on the power of cannabis.

Through her hands-on approach and heartfelt willingness to connect with every person on an individual level, Lelehnia is skilled at building relationships and mending conflict. Above all, Lelehnia’s heart guides her with the perfect melding of the skills you need and the drive that will carry your organization forward.

Lelehnia Debois is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder, Sensi Magazine Publisher, County Commissioner and the founder of Humbolt Grace.

You can go to http://humboldtgrace.org/
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