This weeks focus is Cannabis and Spirituality. Below is an interview with Instructor Stephen Gray. We have an upcoming course coming in the next two weeks called Cannabis and spirituality. It is an awesome course for people wanting to use cannabis as a spiritual ally. The course is in-depth and profound. Below is a small bio on Mr. Gray and our first interview with our newest instructor. The book Cannabis and Spirituality is a good companion to the course we offer at CannaLife Academy.

Cannabis and SpiritualityStephen Gray is an author, editor, event organizer and speaker, and ceremony leader. He has been deeply involved with spiritual practices and sacramental (psychedelic) medicine work for over 40 years, including Tibetan Buddhism, the Native American Church (peyote prayer ceremonies), and ayahuasca. His first book, "Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for the Emerging Reality" was published in 2010 by O Books/John Hunt Publishing. His second book, "Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer's Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally" was published in December 2016 by Inner Traditions • Park Street Press, a leading publisher of works on these sacramental medicines.

Mr. Gray is the editor and a contributor to the book, in which he and 17 influential voices of the modern cannabis movement (Julie Holland, Kathleen Harrison, Chris Bennett, Steven Hagar etc) reveal the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices. This book is a guide to the benefits and challenges of the use of cannabis in spiritual practice. Cannabis and Spirituality Includes chapters by 18 authoritative and influential voices of the modern cannabis movement, including Kathleen Harrison, Joan Bello, Hamilton Souther, Steven Hager, Chris Bennett, Dee Dussault, Jeremy Wolff, and Roger Christie.

Cannabis and Spirituality Explores the use of marijuana in a wide range of spiritual practices, including meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization, shamanism, group ceremonies, work with other entheogens, and as a creative aid. Cannabis truly is a medicine for body and soul, one of cannabis’s greatest gifts is its remarkable potential for spiritual healing and awakening.

In this authoritative guide, editor Stephen Gray and 17 other influential voices of the modern cannabis movement explore the spiritual benefits of cannabis and offer guidance on how to interact with the intelligence of this plant ally, a companion and supporter of humanity for millennia. Exploring cannabis spirituality in practice, Gray’s chapters examine dosage, strains, and methods of intake; the use of cannabis to open the creative channels; how to conduct group ceremonies with cannabis; and cautions and counter-indications for cannabis use.

We hear from Chris Bennett on the religious and ritual use of cannabis from pre-biblical times to the present, Joan Bello on marijuana and the body-mind connection, Dee Dussault on ganja yoga, Kathleen Harrison on humanity’s co-evolution with cannabis, and cannabis shaman Hamilton Souther on working with the spirit of cannabis. The contributors explore the spiritual future of this plant ally as well as the ritual use of cannabis by the Rastafarians of Jamaica and the Sadhus of India. The chapters from Brazilian ayahuasca shaman Mariano da Silva and ayahuasca apprentice Francisco present wisdom on commingling the sacramental medicines of cannabis and ayahuasca.

Revealing the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, visualization, shamanism, spirit work, and explorations with other entheogens, this guide shows how cannabis is an effective ally on the awakening journey, unlocking the receptive energy in us all and helping us to feel connected to nature, to each other, and to ourselves. For more information go to and

Cannabis and Spirituality - Interview with Author and Instructor Stephen Gray