Public Consumption?

As the end of marijuana prohibition rolls forward like a freight train, Massachusetts and Nevada are rolling out plans to make public consumption legal.

As what came as a surprise to many, Massachusetts has given early approval to a plan allowing public consumption! Marijuana businesses, bars, gyms, and even movie theaters will be allowed to have marijuana consumption on premises.

This is a bold move by the Bay State, which takes a big step forward in legalization and sends a clear message that Americans are in acceptance of marijuana legalization and want to see it normalized.

Nevada is also taking some bold steps; with Las Vegas expected to begin opening bud lounges in spring of 2018. The city has issued licenses to several businesses, and is working out the details of how the plan will work.

Currently, lounges can sell smoking accessories, as well as; allow customers to kick back and smoke. However; Lounges are currently prohibited from selling flower or concentrates, since they are not licensed to distribute.

There has been some debate as to whether lounges would be allowed to offer food services. It has been agreed that marijuana lounges can provide food service if the food contains no cannabis. So, Nevada won’t be seeing any tempting cannabis infused yummies anytime soon. Otherwise; things are looking great for marijuana enthusiasts, and we cannot wait to see who makes the next move. CannaLife Academy